I am the newest arrival, born on 8th September 2020. A female, Livret A Baudet du Poitou. Only 55 pure race Poitous like me were born in 2019 and so Kismet and I are very lucky to be here because our species is critically endangered.

My birth sign is Virgo, which means I am a perfectionist, with high ideals about myself and others, so I must be in the right place, here, at Les Beaux Chenes!

I defied all the odds and despite taking over 2 hours to arrive in the world (even the Vets thought I had not survived), here I am, bouncing with joy and love.

My Dad is Atacama, very famous and the ex Champion Stud Poitou. I have seen him on the internet! He has since been replaced by Cupidon Du Vern, Aunty Anissou’s brother and Kismet’s half brother!

My Mum, Dobble, is a twin and so everyone was wondering if there might be two of me but I am one of a kind!

I am much more gentle and elegant than Kismet, who is about 4 months older than me. I think she is jealous because I am the new baby, here.

I am looking forward to making friends with Kis and my extended family.