Anissou du Vern

Anissou du Vern

We are the only pure race Baudet de Poitous in La Drome!

My birthday is 31st August 2010, the same as Bamako, so I am the oldest and wisest! My star sign is Virgo.

Sadly my owner had to part with my best friend Dobble and I because he had a terminal illness and could not look after us.

We arrived at Les Beaux Chenes in a terrible state. We were underfed and so hungry. I had not been wormed and became very ill when Tracey gave me the normal medicine. All 4 of my feet were is poor condition, with abcess on top of abcess. After 6 months, Tracey is still trying to help me get rid of them. It is just so painful having to stand and walk with abcesses all the time.

My new family is very nice but I am very afraid. It will take them a long time to gain my trust because, although I used to attend Shows, I was not always treated nicely. My brother is the Champion Stud, Cupidon Du Vern.

I had my first foal in 2019 but she was sent away before I came here.

Once they catch me, I am very obedient and love to go out for walks, so I can see what is around us. I walk very well on the lead because I am used to it.

I am the oldest and so I am in charge, although Porthos thinks he is! Mind you, he and his brothers are really helpful because they show us what to do in the forest. We did not understand how to feed ourselves before and were used to waiting to be fed.

I am so relieved that Tracey and Mark took me as well as Dobble because we are inseparable ‘pots de colle’ (pots of glue).

I am lucky here because they are nice to me and they give me plenty to eat. I can also help myself and eat grass and leaves as much as I want.

Sponsor: Tony and Marilyn James