We are the only pure race Baudet de Poitous in La Drome! My birthday is 29th April 2013. My star sign is Taurus, like Kismet and my owner, Tracey!

I am still young but I already had a foal in 2018 and I arrived pregnant for September 2020.

It surprised me to find that Bamako thinks she is a Princess when actually, it is me!

I am very attached to Anissou and so relieved that we came here together when our owner could no longer care for us. He described us as ‘pots de colle’ (pots of glue) and asked Tracey to take both of us instead of one. I am not used to boy donkeys and so not especially interested in the Muskateers, although they can be helpful in showing us what to do.

Unfortunately, we arrived in a terrible state, underfed, not wormed and I have a ‘sarcoid’, a tumour, which has not responded to treatment so the vet says I will need surgery after giving birth. I hope that goes alright because I am very curious and enjoy meeting new people.

Sponsor: Andrew Middleton and Gill Taylor