My birthday is 31st August 2011, the same as Anissou but I am younger! So, my star sign is Virgo.

I came to Les Beaux Chenes in 2018 because my owner wanted to retire and move abroad. I was the only pure race Baudet de Poitou in La Drome until Anissou and Dobble arrived! Now we are the only ones!

I think I am a Princess and I know I am very special.

I had my first foal at the end of April 2020, Kismet and I am just so proud of her, our first birth in La Drome!

Only 55 pure race Baudet de Poitous were born in 2019, worldwide, so that shows how important and special Kis and I are!

I absolutely love attention. I love to be brushed and to be the centre of attention. My favourite treats are carrots and apples!

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