Atos (Athos)

I did not have a birthday when I arrived but the Vet gave me one, 1st December 2014. So, my star sign is Sagittarius.

I am the second brother which, anyone in the middle will understand, can be hard. I love my brothers but my oldest one is only a year older and so he always acts like he is in charge and tries to tell me what to do and my youngest brother, is a year younger and he is always trying to push into second place. So, I spend a lot of time arguing and fighting with both of them!

I am definitely the most placid and steady. I can walk with anyone and take my time but nearly always beat Portos in the end because he sets off too fast and then runs out of steam because he is too fat!

I eat just enough and like to stay trim. I am the best looking Muskateer!

I am not at all dominant and that means I can get pushed about but I don’t mind.

Increasingly, I like to stay with the girl donkeys because they need me to look after them and show them around. I leave my brothers play fighting and do the most important job of caring for the girls.

I am very timid because I was not treated nicely before but I am also very curious and calm.

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